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I'm Maeve & I help female coaches build and scale their online coaching businesses, so that they can have more income, impact and freedom.

Unlike many focused on one piece of the puzzle, I teach an end to end solution so that you can stop jumping around from course to course trying to figure it all out. 
Are you a female coach who isn't earning the money you wish you could? 
How many of the below sound familiar?
>> You aren't making money in your coaching business.. 
>> You don't have enough sales and customers to live the life you desire..
>> You would have much greater impact on the world if you could just get the right clients..
>> You aren't making money consistently.. 
>> You don't have a big list or a big following.. 
>> You feel lost and confused as to what the best marketing strategy is..
>> You are charging less than you know you are worth..
>> You aren't sure who you help.. 
>> You have tried 'everything..'
>> You're observing what everyone else is doing online but it just won't work for you.. 
>> You don't know what you are going to earn next month..
>> You don't know how to find the leads you need..
>>You don't know how to get the leads that you d have onto a call..
>> You don't know how to convert leads into paying clients
>> You can't go all in on your coaching business until you earn X..
Is this you?
>> Getting up every day and turning on your laptop and then not knowing what to do next. So you watch youtube videos and scroll through FB to see what tactic you can learn..

>>Stressing about your business and where the next clients are coming from..

>> Checking your bank to see how much longer your coaching business can support you.. 

>> Writing blog posts that no one will see.. 

>> Hustling every day..

>> Considering niche jumping so that you are in a better niche where you can get clients..

>> Absorbing free content but not knowing what to do next..

>> Posting in FB groups to add value and hopefully get a client..

>> Posting on LinkedIn only to hear crickets..

>> Changing your logo again in case that makes all the difference.. 

>>Blaming COVID19 for your business not going as well as you would like..
Are you thinking?
>> Maybe I am not cut out for this..

>> I'll just try one more thing and then it will work..

>> Everyone else can do it, what it wrong with me..

>> I don't know what to try next..

>> This is hard..

>> I learned something on YouTube today so that will be enough this week.. 

>> Everyone else must be pretending that they have clients.. It isn't attainable really.. 

>>Maybe I should give up..

What if it were like this instead?
>> You have consistent income..

>> You have no worries about money..

>> You are paid your worth..

>> You know exactly how to generate the income you desire..

>> Leads flow into your business daily..

>> You know that selling is easy

>> You have a super clear strategy

>> Clients approach you..

>> You have the impact you always dreamed of

>> You're the authority in your niche..

>> The house, the car, the dream.. Its real.

>> You have structure on your day and know exactly what to do and when.

>> You get time with your family. 

>> You work just a couple of hours a day. 

>> You can work anywhere around the world.

>> Stripe pings continually with new payments coming through. 

>> You are happy. Like really happy. To your core. 
And you feel.
>> Confident

>> Wealthy

>> Excited

>> Successful

>> Focused

>> Empowered

>> Courageous


So what if you don't solve this?

You WILL stay where you are.
Nothing will change. 
You will have the same job. 
The same income. 
The same freedom.
The same impact. 
You will give up on your dream. 

Then look back when you are older wondering... 
About Maeve Ferguson 

Maeve Ferguson is the Founder and CEO of Maeve Ferguson Coaching and is an experienced Online Coach, Course Provider, International Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker. She has been featured in Forbes for her work to date. 

Maeve Ferguson is dedicated to helping female coaches stop hustling and start attracting clients with ease, so that they can have more income, impact and freedom.Unlike many focused on paid attraction methods leading to a weak offer, Maeve provides methods that allow ideal clients to queue up for an irresistible offer.

Maeve draws on many years of experience in Accountancy Client Services, Process Improvement, Change Management and Product Development.  Maeve trained in Big 4 in London prior to setting up her Coaching business.

She holds a first class BSc degree in Equine Science, a first class MSc in Management and Corporate Governance and a Grad ICSA qualification. Maeve is also a qualified accountant with ACCA and qualified as an Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaches (AoEC).

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#1 International Bestselling author of Yes I Can. 

Maeve Ferguson Yes I can
But I don’t know how
to start a coaching business. 
That’s ok. 
The tactical pieces are the easiest to solve to be honest. 

We work through strategy, all the tactics and my mindset system so that you have all the ammunition you need to launch your online coaching business successfully. 

But I don’t know what sort of coach I should be..

Thats ok. 
You don’t have to know. All you need are the skills that you already have and a willingness to learn skills that you don’t. 

We work through your background, your passions and what makes you tick. Then we align that with what the market needs and wants. 

We find out what they want and make sure there is an elevated market there for your services, before you build anything, so that we know you are on to a winner!
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I am a full time working mum - 
how will I fit this in?
That’s ok. We work at your pace. The programme is built so that you can, if it suits, go all in and build your signature online service business within weeks. 

But we understand normal life. Families. Maybe kids. Maybe work. Thats reality. 

Thats why we provide lifetime access to the course and the FB support group, so that you can complete the programme at a pace that suits you. 

If you are a VIP client, your one-to-one sessions are completed at a pace that suits you. 
I can’t afford it - Do you know what,  I will wait until I get a few clients and then I will pay to make sure my systems etc are all set up.
You can if you like. But why not follow a proven process that has worked for others? 

Why spend months or years figuring out what not to do? Why not leverage from what has been learned before you, so that you can go straight to market and get consistent clients as soon as you go live? 

Rather than slinging mud and hoping that something sticks…
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Testimonials for Maeve Ferguson Coaching
“Maeve helped me with her listening and questioning skills and helped me put my action plan into place. She helped me find my own solutions. She has a sense of knowing what I need but does not pressurise me into anything. She is very calm and great at listening.”

B. - Coach
I am only on Module 2 so far and I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE! I am blown away. 

I don't even recognise myself and it is all down to what I am learning on The High Ticket Formula. I used to have all these amazing ideas and plans but no structure on how to take it forward! 
Every module that comes up I cannot wait to work my way through it. The confidence I have now is incredible - I don't even recognise myself.
Laura. - Mindset Coach
Maeve has truly helped me and my new business - tremendously in fact. Since the very first session Maeve’s Coaching has had a massive effect on my business, my clarity and my organisation. she is a huge help. She is absolutely awesome!

N.V - Entrepreneur
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