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#1 International Bestselling author of Yes I Can. 

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About Maeve Ferguson Coaching & The High Ticket Formula

Maeve Ferguson is the Founder and CEO of Maeve Ferguson Coaching and is an experienced Online Coach, Course Provider, International Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker. She has been featured in Forbes for her work to date. 

Maeve Ferguson Coaching is dedicated to helping women create their signature online service business and get consistent high ticket clients, so that they can live life on their own terms.

Maeve supports her clients with her online course and regular coaching, that allows them to identify what business they would like to create and building and executing a plan to make that happen. 

Maeve supports her clients throughout every step of the process, including strategy and tactics on building the business, as well as supporting them with her mindset system. 

Maeve draws on many years of experience in Accountancy Client Services, Process Improvement, Change Management and Product Development.  Maeve trained in Big 4 in London prior to setting up her Coaching business.

Maeve has helped women worldwide set up their online service businesses in a variety of industries. 

She holds a first class BSc degree in Equine Science, a first class MSc in Management and Corporate Governance and a Grad ICSA qualification. Maeve is also a qualified accountant with ACCA and qualified as an Executive Coach with the Academy of Executive Coaches (AoEC).

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Testimonials for Maeve Ferguson Coaching
“Maeve helped me with her listening and questioning skills and helped me put my action plan into place. She helped me find my own solutions. She has a sense of knowing what I need but does not pressurise me into anything. She is very calm and great at listening.”

B. - Coach
I am only on Module 2 so far and I CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE! I am blown away. 

I don't even recognise myself and it is all down to what I am learning on The High Ticket Formula. I used to have all these amazing ideas and plans but no structure on how to take it forward! 
Every module that comes up I cannot wait to work my way through it. The confidence I have now is incredible - I don't even recognise myself.
Laura. - Mindset Coach
Maeve has truly helped me and my new business - tremendously in fact. Since the very first session Maeve’s Coaching has had a massive effect on my business, my clarity and my organisation. she is a huge help. She is absolutely awesome!

N.V - Entrepreneur
Which of these sound
familiar to you?
Is this it?
• I missed my son's first steps. 
• I feel like I am in a hamster wheel.
• I can't do this anymore.
• I’m exhausted all the time. 
• I’m heading towards a burnout. 
• I wish I could do my own thing.
• I know I am meant for more. 
• I have a dream. I just don't know where to start. 

Would you love to run your own online service business, so that you can live life exactly on your own terms? 
• Work from wherever.
• With people you choose. 
• Whenever.
• In a niche that you love.
• Doing what you were born to do.
• On Your Terms.
• Every Day.

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What does Maeve’s 
offer include?
Online Course - videos, workbooks and instructions - lifetime access - create your signature online business at a pace that suits your life. 

121 Coaching sessions with Maeve as you create your online service business, at a pace that suits your life, for VIP clients.

Group Coaching - Group Q&A once a week - learn from Maeve and each other.

FB Elite Group - Connect with a highly powerful group of women who are all on the same journey.

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But I don’t know how
to start a business. 
That’s ok. 
The tactical pieces are the easiest to solve to be honest. 

We work through strategy, all the tactics and my mindset system so that you have all the ammunition you need to launch your online service business successfully. 

But I don’t have 
an “idea.”

Thats ok. 
You don’t have to have one. All you need are the skills that you already have and a willingness to learn skills that you don’t. 

We work through your background, your passions and what makes you tick. Then we align that with what the market needs and wants. 

We find out what they want and make sure there is an elevated market there for your services, before you build anything, so that we know you are on to a winner!
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I am a full time working mum - 
how will I fit this in?
That’s ok. We work at your pace. The programme is built so that you can, if it suits, go all in and build your signature online service business within weeks. 

But we understand normal life. Families. Maybe kids. Maybe work. Thats reality. 

Thats why we provide lifetime access to the course and the FB support group, so that you can complete the programme at a pace that suits you. 

If you are a VIP client, your one-to-one sessions are completed at a pace that suits you. 
I can’t afford it - Do you know what,  I will wait until I get a few clients and then I will pay to make sure my systems etc are all set up.
You can if you like. But why not follow a proven process that has worked for others? 

Why spend months or years figuring out what not to do? Why not leverage from what has been learned before you, so that you can go straight to market and get consistent clients as soon as you go live? 

Rather than slinging mud and hoping that something sticks…
What does Maeve’s
 online course cover?
Maeve’s course takes you from zero to successful launch and consistent high ticket clients. 

You don’t need to have a brilliant idea, or know every tactic inside out. 

Maeve teaches you all the tactics you need, as well as the strategy required, alongside her bespoke mindset system that supports you every step of the way. 

As long as you come with a ‘can do’ and ‘learning’ attitude and you Do The Work, it will work. 
So here’s what we cover 
in the course;
Module 1: The Change Framework
Module 2: Niche & Life Design
Module 3: Client Journey Method
Module 4: The Market’s Pulse 
Module 5: The Build
Module 6: Plan and Execution Framework
Module 7: Organic Sales Magic 
Module 8: The Launch & Consistent Client Framework
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