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The reality is this ~ You’re an expert in what you do, but you are delivering one-to-one, trading time for money.

Doing everything manually with no systems, delegation or automation.

You’re exhausted and so up to your neck in it that you cannot pause for a moment to work on your business, instead of in it.
You feel overwhelmed & stressed - the whites of your eyes show more and more each day. You are so deep in the trenches that you can't see daylight.
Afraid and scared to stop, in case your house of cards comes tumbling down.
There is constant internal conflict between business and family… You’re doing it for them, but all it does is take you away from them.
You only dream of an automated, scalable business where you bring your brilliance to many through online courses, in a controlled, planned and streamlined way.
A life of F.I.R.E. ~ Freedom, Impact, Revenue & Empowerment.
I get it. I used to be you.
Listen, you can keep doing what you’re doing. You can keep digging the trench deeper and deeper. But you will end up more overwhelmed, more disillusioned and even going back and getting a job will seem like a better option. 
But, it doesn’t have to be that way. 
Your reality can be that you exceed all success markers, by leveraging online courses, funnels, automation and delegation. You spend your time making strategic decisions whilst your team delivers on clearly defined plans.
You’re at peace. Calm. Free. Impactful. Empowered. You know with laser clarity exactly how your year will unfold. Business and life are in harmony and internal conflict is a thing of the past.
You get to be a leader and visionary for your team. To be present and free in family life, because business is taking care of itself.
All because you implemented The Expert Accelerator Effect. 
Three pillars to your life of F.I.R.E.

The Masterclass

Discover the 3 Keys of The Expert Accelerator Effect, to Create & Fill your Online Courses with Perfect Clients.

The Manifesto

Discover why working IN your business is stopping your from working ON your business.

Training Series

Access the Training Series to learn how to scale your Expertise with online courses.


I'm proof you can live as a CEO on F.I.R.E, with a scalable online Coaching or Consulting business.

From a high flying corporate job, to years of illness with a virus - to building an online empire which champions Expert Coaches and Consultants just like you, to live your dream life of Freedom, Impact, Revenue & Empowerment.




Discover the 3 Keys of The Expert Accelerator Effect, to Create & Fill your Online Courses with Perfect Clients.



Free 5 Day Training


Join Maeve in her 5 Day Training Series to learn how online courses can help you move from Overwhelmed Expert to CEO on F.I.R.E.


Aishleen C.

Mindset Coach
"Maeve has been the answer I was searching for - I was struggling for over a year - throwing mud to see what would stick. I had worked with several business coaches, but none had a formula that I could follow step by step. I am finally where I always wanted to be."

Laura R.

Mindset Coach
"I literally have every single thing that I need. The strategy, the tactics, the mindset. The community. And the coaching calls with Maeve are worth the investment on their own!"