"I keep getting promotion after promotion but I don't feel I deserve them, nor do I have enough gravitas to be at that level."

"I am pushing myself to the max every single day and know that I am going to burn out someday soon."

"Something has to give."

"I am working so so hard to get promoted but it is just isn't happening for me."

"I know I can get that new job but the interview process has me at my wits end."

"My heart keeps beating really, really fast and I wonder if I am going to have a heart attack before I'm 50."

"I am on track for partner promotion and I need to ensure that I continue to perform at the highest level possible, week after week."

"I can't believe this is it. I am going to do this until I retire. There has to be more to life. But how can I change things now?"

"I just know that I have a higher purpose, to run my own business. I am brilliant at what I do, I just don't know how to start setting up a business."

These are all thoughts from clients. 

How many times have you said some of these?

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Testimonials for Maeve Ferguson Executive Coaching

“Maeve helped me with her listening and questioning skills and helped me put my action plan into place. She helped me find my own solutions. She has a sense of knowing what I need but does not pressurise me into anything. She is very calm and great at listening.”

P.B.  - Coach
“Maeve is the most tenacious person I know -  she will move heaven and earth for you.”

P.S. - Project Manager
“Maeve has truly helped me and my new business - tremendously in fact. Since the very first session Maeve’s Coaching has had a massive effect on my business, my clarity and my organisation. she is a huge help. She is absolutely awesome!"

N.V - Online Entrepreneur
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