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Episode 57 - Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse When Tech is in Place

May 26th, 2022

Hey it’s Maeve,


In this week’s podcast episode we dive into Segment 4 of our tech series! 


We dive into how important it is to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, even when you have teams and systems in place. 


We uncover why sometimes too much delegation can be a bad thing and the importance of personal responsibility when you have a personal brand. 


Next, we discuss how important checks and balances are, along with communication, feedback loops and why a mindset of continuous improvement and process improvement will ensure that your business continues to thrive. 


Finally, we discuss why it is important to bed down one process before jumping to the next!

Have a listen to get all the details! 

Episode Highlights:


  • 1:21- Balance between delegating and routining
  • 5:10- Checks and balances
  • 7:26- Communication is absolutely critical
  • 8:16- Feedback loops
  • 9:16- Mindset of process improvement and of continues improvement
  • 9:55- Bedding down a new process before jumping on to the next projects



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Words of Wisdom:

"We are continuously improving over time."

Listen below!


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