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Episode 53 - Embedding RDE Sales within Your Sales Mechanisms

April 28th, 2022

Hey and in this week’s podcast we dive into how to embed RDE sales into your sales mechanisms. 


There are several things you want to consider. 


It is important to build your business in sequence - i.e. there is no point in automating a webinar that is not yet converting live. 


So start with calls, then move to live webinars then move to automated webinars once converting. 


Within your sales mechanisms eg your webinar:


  • Remember the power of storytelling in your sales mechanisms - we dive into a story on key points, so that the viewer can see themselves in the story and realise that your unique mechanism is the solution. 


  • Dive into the big mistakes and your story around each
  • Outline the wins of your clients who followed your methodology instead of making the big mistakes


  • Unveil your unique mechanism and build unconscious demand


  • When you dive into the teaching component, teach the what but not the how. Overwhelm will kill your sales. As will your ideal clients thinking that they have the answer already. 


  • Then pivot to your pitch and make your offer


  • Then reveal your bonuses that eliminate their objections


  • Then reveal ambassador level pricing and how to access it.


  • Then bring them to application or click and buy, depending on the programme. 


Have a listen to get all the details! 

Episode Highlights:


  • 9:50 -The power of storytelling
  • 12:30 -Show your ideal clients the what but not the how
  • 17:08 -Two kinds of programs "Click and Buy" & "By Application Only"


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Words of Wisdom:

"Using storytelling as part of your sales mechanisms is vital."

Listen below!


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