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Is your career burning you out?
Written by Maeve Ferguson
So what is burnout? 

Burnout can be physical or mental. You can be hit with a sudden physical illness that wipes you out overnight, like I was, or you can slowly be eaten away by stress and overwork that can cause havoc with your mental health. 

Tell me this, if you read these questions, how many of them cause you to have a dawning realisation that you are perhaps on the path to burnout?

Is work no longer a pleasure? 

Do you feel you are keeping up appearances with other senior executives?

Do you literally no longer care if the project is done on time. 

Or do you care far far too much?

Are you selling your soul every day at work and then have nothing left to give in your home life?

Are you saying all of the right things to other executives and meaning none of them?

Do you feel like life is just one big rat race?

Are you doing more and more and accomplishing less and less?

Are you the only person that can do all of the things that you have to do?

Does everyone else working so slowly drive you mad?

Do you get impatient with sub standard staff?

Does your sleep not refresh you?

Do you feel trapped in a high paying role that you simply can’t walk away from? 

Do you feel empty?

Do you think that exhaustion is your main feeling?

Do you go to bed worrying? The things you have to do boiling in your stomach, rising up your oesophagus and choking you?

Do you wish you could leave work but can’t because there is so much to do?

Have you stopped truly caring about your clients and colleagues?

How many did you say yes to? Do you want things to change?

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