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How to Know it is Time To Leave your Job and Set Up Your Own Business
Written by Maeve Ferguson
You have had a ‘feeling’ for a while. 

You feel dissatisfied with how things are at the moment. And you want something different. You want more. 

Most of us have experienced some life changing event, that simply changes things. It may be missing your child’s first steps. It may be illness. It may be losing a parent. It may be a relationship break up. Regardless of the trigger point, you are at a crossroads in life. 

You have a decision to make. 

Keep working for someone else, or go and work for you. Live your own dream. Be your own boss. And make everything you do be on your terms. 

Which will it be for you?

If you are experiencing any of the following, it may be time. 

Constantly asking what if.
Do you often daydream about what you could do if you set up your own business? If you are a lawyer, do you imagine setting up and running your own successful practice, rather than flogging yourself for billable hours? Or an accountant who knows that there is a more streamlined way to do business? Or a HRBP who knows that they could set up their own consultancy firm? For me, it was a life changing event that allowed me to realise that I had to do things on my own terms. So I made it happen. 

Wondering if you are going to look back on your life with regret.
Do you think you will get to 65 and look back and feel regret, pain and sadness at how you chose to live your life? Do you know you have more to offer but are too scared to go and make it happen. Sure, it is terrifying, but feel the fear and do it anyway is an amazing quote. 

Wondering if you could make a go of it yourself. 
Do you often wonder if you could? But you don’t have an idea? That is the single biggest factor for being setting up on their own, they are under the false belief that you need to have an idea before you start. This is so untrue. You need to have grit, determination and a mindset made of steel. But you go to the market and ask them what they want. Then you package it and sell it. You don’t wait to up with an ‘idea’ in the shower and then try to force people to buy it. So don’t let not having the “big idea” hold you back - it is not needed. 

Saying But But But
But I can’t because of X. But I can’t because of Y. But I can’t because of Z. These are all just reasons you tell yourself to convince yourself that you are right and someone like you couldn’t possibly. That is not true. For every argument against, there is a solution. You just have to want it. 

Realising you are, after all, just a number.
When this day happens, it is sad. You believed you mattered in the organisation. You believed it when you were told you were valued. But something happens and it makes you realise, very quickly, that you were in fact, just a number. And no, you are not different. 

Realising you are very replaceable.
Everyone is. The company will not fall down without you. Your team won’t collapse. They will move on to the next one. 

Having hundreds of ideas, but no clear plan of where to start. 
You could do this or you could do that. You know you could. But where to start. You can’t leave the ‘safety’ of your salary. So how do you start? It is simple - you follow the process. 

Knowing that your family and relationships get the worst of you and your work gets the best of you. 
Are you spending more and more of your best time at work and les and less with your family and friends. Do you cry off everything at the last minute? Do you miss dinner with your family? Are you letting your health and fitness slide?

Knowing that work is causing you to miss out on life’s most important moments.
This is the saddest one. A lady I know was working a high flying corporate job. She missed her child’s first steps. It broke her heart and she began to question everything. So she left and set up her own practice. She didn’t miss any of her second child’s firsts. 

Knowing that you have the skills. 
You have had a career to this point. There are skills you have learned along the way. Skills you may have even forgotten about. You have built resilience as you moved through your career. You have skills. You just need to know how to package them. 

Not being sure if you have the skills, but knowing you can learn them. 
For some it may be the lovely excuse, oh but I can’t do accounting. So what? You can learn. There is nothing in this world that cannot be learnt. Period. For me I didn;t know a single thing about building websites or digital marketing. If I am honest I didn’t know what digital marketing was. So I sat down and I learned it and now can do it in my sleep. So can you. 

Knowing that if you were able to live life on your own terms that you would be less stressed.
Do you toss in bed at night, stressed about all the things you have to do? About all the things you haven’t organised? About how many hats you have to wear?

Knowing you can put your existing skills to use to build your own empire, instead of working for someone else to build theirs. 
Ever feel like your success is building someone else’s empire? What about your own? When is it going to feature?

So these are a few ideas to get you thinking if you are in the right place or not to follow the right process to leave your job and set up your own business. If I am speaking to you, give me a shout, would love to have a chat with you. 

Maeve Ferguson

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