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How to recognise when things just aren’t working
Written by Maeve Ferguson
time for change
So something isn’t sitting right with you. You are successful, good at what you do and everything from the outside looks great. But you aren’t satisfied. You know there has to be more to it. You feel like your life is not the one you had thought you would have. Something just doesn’t fit. 

How do you know the difference between having a bad day and knowing that you need to make a significant change?

I find that these questions help tease out the answer. 

If anything were possible - who would you be?
Is your answer to that question exactly who you are today?
If not, why not?
Is what you do aligned with your core? I.e. do you genuinely believe and trust in what you are doing?
Are you doing work that truly makes you happy deep down?
Will you look back when you are 70 and be pleased with how you chose to live your life?
Does your gut tell you that you aren’t living the right life?

So what do you do when there is a mismatch?

You know you want things to be different but you aren’t sure how to make it happen. Ask yourself this - who could you be in 12 months time, if you had the right support?
What would you keep the same? 
What would you change?
Would it impact other areas of your life if you were doing this instead?
How can you go and make it happen?

This is where a Coach can come in. Working with a coach, can bring amazing insights and breakthrough moments. I have seen people change completely. Have huge, dawning realisations during a coaching session and there is nothing more powerful. People really can transform through coaching - so why not you? 

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